The Violin Shop

The Violin Shop, located in Jacksonville, Florida is a string instrument dealer. We specialize in violin sales, violin repairs, violin restoration, and violin rentals. Our expertise extends past the violin and encompasses the other instruments of the quartet: the viola, the cello, and the double bass. Sales, repairs, and rentals of violins, violas, cellos, and string basses are the core business of the violin shop. Naturally, we have a wide selection of bows for sale to string players of all abilities. Violin, Viola, Cello, and Acoustic Bass strings, cases, and accessories are available at reasonable prices.

Miguel Melenchon, is one of the finest makers of violins in the area. His violins and string instruments, without a doubt, reflect the touch of a master's hand.

They are accurate in dimension in every way. The finest woods are used and the details are carved to perfection. But the real accomplishment of his work is announced when his instruments are played. The finest of tone comes forth, balanced and true, the soul of the violin grasps the player and the audience with the desire to have no end to the performance.

The Melenchon Brothers made a replica of a cello built in 1739 by Domenico Montagnana of Venice, a contemporary of Antonio Stradivarius. To read about the Melenchon Brothers effort (a article) please click here.

We have relocated to 12192 Beach Blvd Suite 13. On the Sans Pareil Plaza after the Alhambra Theater.

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The Violin Shop
12192 Beach Blvd, Suite 13, Jacksonville Florida 32246
Hours: Monday-Friday 10-6• Saturday 10-5
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